He Restores My Soul

On October 23rd, I read the 23rd Psalm.
I do that — read the Psalm that corresponds to the date.
Anyway, I can quote Psalm 23.   I memorized it as a child so I started not to read it — since I know it by heart.
Then I decided that I should read it and I am so glad I did.
Verse 3 jumped off the page.  It says “he restores my soul….”
You see, the past few weeks have been difficult — physically and emotionally.
Physically — We’ve had some sort of “bug” at our house…really more than one.  Sinus and allergy stuff, stomach issues.  A sick 8 year old causes mom to not sleep so soundly!
Emotionally —  a sweet lady in our church lost her 30 year old son;  another church member passed away; a player on the local high school football team had a heart attack on the field during a game and died; one of my dearest friends suffered great loss in her life and family; and another precious and dear friend was in a pretty bad car accident.
Even though none of the emotional stuff happened directly to me, my heart was breaking for those that I care about who were in the middle of their particular circumstance.  I felt the weight of death and loss………….I felt helpless…………wishing I could do something………
Several weeks of sickness and crying with and for those that I care about had left me feeling weary.  Then I read Psalm 23.   The Lord gently reminded me that  He knows the valleys that my precious friends are walking through and HE is in control.  He reminded me that I am to call on Him on their behalf and most of all that time with Him is restoration.  
I don’t know what you may be going through or where you’ve been.  But I know that the Lord does “restore our soul” when we need it.
Joy to You!


One thought on “He Restores My Soul

  1. thank you, friend. I needed to read this today. with the first anniversary of my mom’s death looming, restoration of my heart and soul are exactly what I need right now. off to read the 23rd Psalm myself right now.


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