Monday Morning Meditations

How or where do the things that we “meditate” on come from?  For me, it’s my personal quiet time with the Lord.  A passage, verse or maybe just a word will catch my attention and give me something to meditate on all day long.  
My friend Marcy over at Ben and Me wrote about her quiet time last Thursday.    I love her reasons for having her quiet time early in the morning.  
She said, “There are 2 main reasons I love doing this:  1.  It ensures that I at least spend a few minutes a day alone with God.  2. It starts my day off right. I find I am more patient, less grumpy, more graceful, less demanding.”  
You can link back to her Thursday Quick Tip post on her Quiet Time here.
I pray that you too find Quiet Time with the Lord each day and encourage you to ask the Lord to give you something from His word to meditate on all day long.
Joy to You!

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