Homeschool Mother’s Journal (9/21/12)

 In my life this week…
My floors have gone un-swept.  There is much cleaning that needs to be done but I just haven’t had the stamina or concern to get anything done.  You see, this week marked the 13th anniversary of my Daddy’s death.  It’s always a sad week for me.  You can read more about it here.  I tried hard not to be sad but I still had my moments. 
Last week I mentioned Leah hurting her arm.  I am happy to report that after a week of her arm in a sling, keeping it elevated and iced, she is doing well.  She took her sling off yesterday and has no pain.  Praise the Lord for healing.
In our homeschool this week…
We had a good week.  And even though our week was rearranged a bit due to our co-op meeting on Tuesday instead of Monday, there is nothing out of the ordinary to report.    I will say that having Monday at home was kind of nice.  Not sure I would always want co-op on a different day but it was at least a change of pace.  It did make the rest of the week seem to go faster.   
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… is a great resource for extra work in a particular math operation, grammar, etc.  they also have excellent literature units to go along with a ton of books.  There is a yearly fee but I feel as though I’ve already gotten my money’s worth and will renew again this year when the time comes. 
I am inspired by…
The kids in the Awana group I work with on Wednesday nights.  They are working so hard at memorizing their verses.  I just love to listen to them recite scripture.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing
We stayed close to home this week and it was really nice not to be running all over the place.
My favorite thing this week was…
Dinner at Olive Garden with my family.  I forgot how much I really love their salad and bread sticks and pasta!!!
Questions/thoughts I have…
Am I the only mom who feels inadequate to teach my kids?  Some of the stuff in our curriculum just seems over my head. 
Things I’m working on…
We’ve decided to rearrange our school room and to give the kids a new table to work on.  We already have the table and it currently is a collection place for any and everything.  My job is to find a place for all the stuff on it so that it can be used by the kids.  I hope to have it ready to use in the next week or so.
I’m grateful for…
Friends who pray!
 I’m praying for…
 Photos, video, link, to share…
Here’s Leah in her sling in two different photos; one by herself and the other with her friend at co-op who has a broken arm.


Thanks again for joining me on my homeschool journey. I am linked up with The Homeschool Mother’s Journal over at iHomeschool Network.
Joy to You!

One thought on “Homeschool Mother’s Journal (9/21/12)

  1. So sorry to read about your Dad! It must be very hard to lose a parent! 😦 I’m so fortunate that I have both mine…hopefully for a long, long time!

    Yeah, sometimes, especially with my high schooler. He definitely into areas that I don’t remember or never learned in high school. And I simply don’t have time to devote to learning along with him with everything else going on. I have to accept the fact that there are some things he probably knows and I don’t. LOL


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