ABC through the Alphabet

I am very excited to be Blogging through the Alphabet again with my friend Marcy over at Ben and Me.  
I know it’s kind of cheating to not be thinking of topics that go with the letters of the alphabet on my own, but I just love the concept of The New England Primer so this time, I will be posting the rhymes from the Primer for each letter.  Every so often, I will include an image of a page from the Primer so that you can see the pictures that they included back in 1777.
So what was the purpose of The New England Primer?
It introduced colonial children to their ABC’s by means of pictures and rhymes.  My link up with the next “ABC Blogging Through the Alphabet” will be sharing these rhymes with you.  
So, here we go:
Hope you have a wonderful week!  See you next week with the rhyme for B.  In the mean time, please hop over to Ben and Me to see what others have selected as their “A” topic.
Joy to You!!!

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