Coming on Monday Sept 3rd

I am inspired by Pinterest.  
I am sure that doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  It’s become my official place to find new recipes to try, cool crafts and decorating ideas, and I love the fashion tips but my fashion board is labeled “If I had style” because well, it’s just not that important to me but there is a little bit of yearning in me to be fashionable.
Anyway, because I’m inspired by Pinterest, I decided that I’d really like to pass on inspiration from there or from my quiet times or Sunday worship or people I admire……..the places for inspiration are really endless.
So this brings me to what I’d like to call “Monday Morning Meditations”.  Each Monday, hopefully in the mornings, I will post an inspiration.  Something for those who visit my site to meditate on.  
My prayer is that this little meme will encourage and inspire.  
I’d love to hear what you’re meditating on…what the Lord is teaching you so please comment below.  Who knows I might just use your inspiration in future posts.  With your permission, of course!! 
Joy to You!

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