Summer 2012

 In my life this summer…
What a summer it has been.  This is the first one in many years that I have been blessed to be home with my kids.  We have had a great time, or at least I think we have.  We went to the beach four times; two of those were just day trips but when you live 2 hours away, that is totally possible to do!!  Participtated in VBS.  Wyatt went on a mission trip and Leah and I went to Mother/Daughter Camp.  We also visited friends in the Upstate, spent time with family (yeah for living closer now), went swimming, did a few projects around the house, played games, and just enjoyed that fact that it was summer.  (Short side note:  I was home with them most of last summer but we moved and so I spent the summer packing and unpacking and getting ready for our first year of homeschooling). 
We also had to say good-bye to some friends who moved away.  That is just no fun!!
In our homeschool …
In my final post for last school year, I mentioned that we were going to continue with Math through the summer.  We really didn’t.  A few days here and there the books were cracked but it just didn’t happen.  I think that is okay!
I am inspired by…
My sister Yvonne.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in June.  Her faith is amazing.
Places we went & people we saw…
Myrtle Beach ~ three times!!!  Once to see friends vacationing from IL, once to see friends vacationing from KY, and once to see friends vacationing from the Upstate.
Holden Beach ~ this was our family vacation.  We spent one week with my hubby’s family in a house right on the beach.  I could’ve stayed there all summer
Columbia, SC ~ to see friends who were in town from Texas.  We spent the day visiting and playing in the pool.
The Upstate of SC ~ this was to spend time with my sister as she went through her surgery 
My favorite thing this summer was…
Just being home and enjoying my kids & seeing my day lilies that I transplanted from KY bloom.
Things I’m working on…
Last I wrote I was working on curtains for the kid’s rooms.  I happy to say that I did manage to complete two for sons room but am still working on the set for Leah’s room.  Maybe soon!
This summer I read…
A wonderful series by Liz Curtis Higgs.  I highly recommend Thorn in My Heart, Fair Is the Rose, Whence Came a Prince, & Grace in Thine Eyes.  A series set in the late 1700’s in Scotland but based on the accounts of Jacob and Esau, Leah and Rachel, and the story of Dinah from the Bible.  Wonderful fictional story of love, forgiveness, grace, and redemption.  
I’m grateful for…
So much.  I say that often but it’s true.  The Lord has blessed me beyond what I deserve.
I’m praying for…
My sister as she recovers from surgery and continues in this journey that the Lord has her on.  I am also praying for  friends who are dealing with cancer and other illnesses.  
Just a few photos of our summer I thought I’d share….. 
 Thanks for joining me as I shared a little of our summer.   I’m excited to be back in the school year.  I look forward to once again sharing our homeschool journey this year.
Joy to you! 

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