Y is for ……….


Who, you may ask, is Yvonne?

(This is her and her wonderful husband)

And, she’s my big sister!  And I love her.

See, I’ve been waiting for 24 letters now to write about her.  But the Lord is wise and knew that now is the best time for this.

She is just over 2-1/2 years older than me.  She named me and then once I was home from the hospital wanted to change my name.  My parents told her that she couldn’t.

Like most siblings, we haven’t always gotten along, but to the best of my memory (which I say I actually birthed with my two kids since they remember EVERYTHING and I remember almost nothing) we’ve never had times of huge disagreement.

We’re very different in many ways but we share many of the same characteristics too.  The best is that we were raised by loving parents who instilled in both of us a love for the Lord Jesus.

Her faith is strong, I’ve witnessed this first hand in recent months.

She loves her family.  She loves her friends.  She’s a good friend.  That’s also been obvious in recent months.

She works hard at her job as a nurse and is dedicated to the ministries that the Lord has laid on her heart at her church.  She is faithful.

I am thrilled, for many reasons, to now be only 2-1/2 hours from her as opposed to the 7 that we were when we lived in KY.

On June 1st this year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We were all shocked!  It’s been an emotional few months.  But she is amazing!  When she called to share the news with me she said, “we know God has this and I will trust Him!”.

That was and still is her stand.  Evidence of her faith!

The good news, she had surgery in July and all pathology reports came back showing no more cancer!  Praise the Lord!  He heard our prayers!

She is recovering from surgery and this time has been when I’ve seen what a good friend she is because so many have reached out to love her and take care of her.

So, in case you can’t tell, I love my big sister.  Here’s a favorite photo from when we are small that I think captures it well.

Join me next week as I finish up this fun meme of “ABC Blogging Thru The Alphabet”

Joy to You!


5 thoughts on “Y is for ……….

  1. I love this! The 2 of you look so much alike! And, I am praising the Lord with you in Yvonne’s “cancer-free” diagnosis!! BTW, I love the picture of the 2 of you when you were little. Leah looks just like you. 🙂


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