V is for………


It’s my son’s instrument of choice.

He started taking lessons in the 3rd grade and is still playing.  Third – Fifth grade he played in the Suzuki program at his elementary school in Kentucky.  In the Sixth grade he participated in the orchestra at his middle school.

I love to hear my boy play!  And I’ve always been fascinated with the violin as an instrument but, I admit that I don’t really know much about the violin.  So, I decided to do a little research on the violin for this little meme!

A few quick facts about the violin that I found on The Violin Guide website

  • The violin is part of the violin family which also includes the cello, the bass viol and the viola.
  • The violin is the smallest member of the violin family.
  • The violin wasn’t so much ‘invented’ as developed out of existing instruments of the day. The violin was first developed in the early to mid 1500’s.
  • The development of the violin is most commonly attributed to Andrea Amati.
  • The first centers of violin making were in northern Italy, notably Brescia and Cremona.
  • Violin making spread from Vienna to Paris via trade routes of the day. (Mirecourt in France is still a center of violin making today)
  • Most modern instruments are modeled after either Stradivari or Guanari violins.
  • At first the violin held a lowly social status until the early 1600’s.
  • Greater demands on the Violin by performers and composers (principally greater use of higher registers and a more powerful sound desired), resulted in changes to the instrument including lengthening the neck, setting it at an angle to the body, and strengthening the bass bar.
  • The chin rest wasn’t introduced until the 1800’s.
  • The modern bow was developed in France by Françoise Xavier Tourte ( 1747 – 1835 ) (thus the name for the modern bow – the tourte bow)

I thought the following was an especially interesting tidbit:

  • Violinists are able to use both sides of the brain better than most non-violinists

Here are a few photos of my boy playing in the orchestra and practicing at home.


Join me and other ladies next week as we are almost at the end of ABC Blogging Through the Alphabet.

Joy to You!


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