U is for ……….

for Unmerited Favor
What does “Unmerited Favor” mean?
UNMERITED, according to the Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary, means:
  • not merited
  • not deserved
  • obtained without service or equivalent
FAVOR, also according to the Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary, means:
  • a kind act…
  • kindness done or granted
  • benevolence shown by word or deed
  • any act of grace or good will
  • Lenity; mildness or mitigation of punishment.
So “unmerited favor” means undeserved kindness, benevolence, grace…
That is just what I receive daily from my Heavenly Father. 
You see, I am far from who I need to be.  I know the Fruits of the Spirit, I know the list of things that I should and should not be and yet, I fail miserably every day.
I lose my temper.  I lose my patience.  I say things that I wish could be taken back….. 
And then……..
I ask for forgiveness.
From my kids.  From my husband.  From others.  From my Lord.
Human nature isn’t always quick to forgive.  The Lord is!
I am thankful for His “unmerited favor” that daily washes over me.
Joy to You!

2 thoughts on “U is for ……….

  1. This was beautiful, Robin, as all your posts are. If it were me, I’d be like “U? I am thankful for “Umbrellas”! You are creative and Christ-like and it shines through in your life and here on your blog!


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