T is for …….

This coming Wednesday will mark the one year anniversary of our move to South Carolina.   Hard to believe its been a year already. That brings me to the thankful part.
We had been in Kentucky for 6 years; my Leah doesn’t remember living anywhere but Kentucky; even though she was born in South Carolina.  We had put down roots!  We had no biological family there but the Lord had richly blessed us with a church family that remain precious and dear to us.  These friends are the ones we called in when we needed spur of the moment sitters, prayer support or simply a hug when we needed one.   They supported us in many ways through seminary, illnesses, an emergency appendectomy (that was me),  job stresses, ….. the list is really endless. We were blessed and I remain thankful for our Kentucky “family”.
No surprise that the Lord has remained ever faithful to us as we have settled into life back in our home state.  He has provided a wonderful church family that has loved us and cared for us from day one.  Actually, they began loving and caring before we arrived!  We have seen the Lord’s provision and care so many times.   
Since I have chosen the word thankful I’d like to list a few things that I am indeed very thankful for over the past year:
  • our home
  • our new friends
  • our church
  • being able to spend more time together as a family
  • being closer to family and SC friends, from years ago,  so that we can visit more often
  • the ability to homeschool (after many years of praying that we would be able to)
  • homeschool mentors both in new friends here in SC and with my dear friends from KY
  • our homeschool co-op
There are certainly so many other things that I could add to the above list, however, I will not go on. These on my list are the ones that came to me first as I wrote this post.  
I pray that daily I find something to be thankful for.
Please join me and others as we continue to “ABC Blog Through the Alphabet” with Marcy at Ben and Me.
Joy to You!


4 thoughts on “T is for …….

  1. I am Thankful, too, for how God arranged to bring you to South Carolina. My only regrets: We were gone on vacation last year when y’all came to meet the deacons and the SS workers, etc. and that I didn’t get to know you until December! Better late than never, though. I found out very quickly that you are a true friend and I’m not surprised that you have maintained so many close friendships with people, both near and far. You are so special and I am so thankful for your friendship!!


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