R & S………….

For me, as I “ABC Blog Through the Alphabet”, R & S just seem to go hand in hand.

R is for REFRESH!

First of all, I thought the a little “refreshing” to my blog site was in order.  I wanted a change and so, I changed the theme.  It’s not drastic but I think it suits me just fine.

Refresh is also an ice cold drink on a summer day, a short nap in the middle of the day, a week at the beach with no schedule.  Our family had the opportunity to go to the beach a few weeks back and I was able to get rest, relaxation and a little renewal.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with a friend.  She took me to a little cafe in town for lunch and then we came back to my house and sat and talked for hours.  I have to say that the afternoon was very refreshing.  We talked and laughed and talked some more about any and everything.  Just getting to know someone and realizing just how genuine they are is, to me, refreshing.

S is for Scripture!

God’s Word is also refreshing.  I am constantly amazed at how a passage, that I have most likely read many times, washes over me like cool water.  I see something new as I read God’s Word.  I realize a truth or precious nugget of encouragement that applies to life today.

My prayer is that you find refreshment in the Scripture.

Join me and others as we continue to “ABC Blog Through the Alphabet” with Marcy at Ben and Me.

Joy to You!


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