N is for …………..

Selecting a word or topic for the letter N has proved to be the most difficult of the letters we’ve done so far as I join Marcy over at Ben and Me  to “ABC Blog through the Alphabet”.

My result?

I’m sort of cheating.  For me N is iNspiration!!!

What iNspires me?

Last week, I wrote about mentoring. Those ladies iNspire me.

I’m also iNspired by Pinterest. No surprise there, right? It’s a wonderful place to get new recipes, craft ideas, homeschool ideas, gift ideas, to find out about products others can’t live without and to get a sense of fashion. Of course, that’s just a tip of the Pinterest iceberg. There are many topics to explore.

Nature iNspires me. Just to see the detail that is in every leaf, flower, snowflake, animal, etc. is inspiring.

But I would have to say that my biggest iNspiration is the Word of God. His word is filled with everything we need for life. To me that is iNspiring.

I’d love to hear what iNspires you!!!

Thanks again for joining me as I “ABC Blog through the Alphabet” over at Ben and Me.

Blessings & Joy!


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