M is for ………….Mentor

What is a mentor? 
According to Webster’s 1913 Dictionary a mentor is “A wise and faithful counselor or monitor”.   I like to think of it as “someone pouring into another’s life”.
I am blessed to have had many women in my life that I can say have been “wise and faithful counselors” to me.  These are women who have invested in me, loved me, and taught me all kinds of wonderful things.   
So you may, or may not, ask what kind of things can one be “mentored” on? 
Here’s a list of the things in my life that I consider to have grown because of precious women willing to pour into my life:
  • How to pray ~ Not just a rote prayer that sounds “canned”, if you will, but a prayer that is true communication  with my God who hears me when I call.
  • How to really read my Bible ~ Not just to get through the verses but to take in the Word of God and truly hide it in my heart and soul so that it dwells in me (see Colossians 3:16-17)
  • How to relate life back to God’s word ~ Because everything should line up with the Word of God
  • Homeschooling ~ We’re nearing the end of our first year as a homeschool family.  I would have NEVER made it without several friends who have a heart to see others succeed at this journey including curriculum advice, scheduling our day, expectations for me and for my kids…the list is really endless
  • Motherhood ~ If I began to thank the ladies that have been, and continue to be, examples of being a godly mother, the list would go on and on for a very long time.  I have learned so much from so many.
  • Being a wife ~ Everything from caring for my hubby to praying for him and just listening to him.  I have had wisdom and direction on how to be a godly wife.
  • Cooking ~ I can really credit both my grandmothers with this one.  They both liked to cook and did it well.  I think, or at least like to think, that my love for cooking is from them.
  • Miscellaneous things like sewing a button on, yard work (I credit my Daddy for this one), my love for reading, blogging………….. there is much.
So who are these women? 
For me, they are my sister.  Friends that the Lord has placed in my path in a Bible Study group or at church or in our homeschool group.  Aunts and cousins and sometimes even people I don’t know very well but I come in contact with them briefly and learn a treasure of truth from them; God is good in that way.
I will say that my MOM would be my #1 mentor.  She has spent her life pouring into my life.  Teaching me and counseling me on everything from my wardrobe to cooking to marriage to motherhood.  Most importantly, she has spent time teaching me how to intertwine the love and compassion of Jesus into life.
Mentoring is an experience of pouring  into others but more than that it is truly a gift of God.   I spent approximately 7 months with a precious lady being mentored in my walk with the Lord  just before we moved to SC.  Know how our relationship started?  I asked her to help me.  I saw in her a beautiful quality of closeness to the Lord and I wanted to experience it for myself so I asked and she graciously obliged.  What a blessing!!!
If you have never mentored or been mentored, I would encourage you to do so.   Find someone who can impart wisdom to you or find someone, perhaps a young wife or mother, and pour into her.  That’s also biblical.  You can find it in Titus 2.
Thanks for letting me ramble on about a subject so dear to me because the ladies who have poured into me are precious to me!
Join me and others as we continue to “ABC Blog Through the Alphabet” with Marcy at Ben and Me.
Joy to You!

3 thoughts on “M is for ………….Mentor

  1. My mom has been a very important mentor to me as well. And I am particularly grateful for “substitute” family and for homeschool mentors that I’ve found over the years, because we live a very long way from my family.


    1. Kym,
      I know what you mean by “substitute” family. We were in KY for 6 years with no family there so, like you, we came to think of those the Lord put in our path as our family. What a blessing!!


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