J is for………….

Jumbled Mess
That’s how I feel lately. 
Like a mess. 
We’ve been in our home almost a year and there are still boxes to unpack.  The bookshelf is a mess.  The pantry is no longer organized.  The linen closet looks like we sleep in there; i.e.: the folded sheets aren’t really folded and neatly stacked on the shelf.  {Sigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}  I am working on unpacking those last boxes, straightening the shelves, organizing the pantry, refolding the sheets that should be neatly stacked.  I’m making progress but I have so far to go.
 Then in the midst of going through boxes, I have found treasures.  Actually, treasures is not really the right word.  I found JOY!  Hand-made cards from my kids; sweet, encouraging notes from people that we’ve been blessed to cross paths with, especially during our years in Seminary; a letter from a precious friend telling me how I bless her.   This one brought tears to my eyes — I remember the day I got that letter and thinking that I should be writing that letter to her.   What a JOY to have friends and loved ones!
How cool is it that in the middle of all the stuff that seems such a “jumbled mess” to me, I experienced the JOY of memories that simply make my life sweeter.  I call that a blessing from the Lord!
So, if you are like me and have boxes of cards and letters you’ve received and every little project your kids have ever done, I challenge you to find JOY in your “jumbled mess”.  
Join me and others as we continue to “ABC Blog through the Alphabet”
Blessings and JOY to you!!

4 thoughts on “J is for………….

  1. Robin, I love your positive attitude. Your perspective is a true blessing. I’m afraid I tend to look at the jumbled mess and am unable to find the joy most of the time.


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