H is for …… Home!!

And for me, that’s Hartsville!!!
It was a year ago last week that we visited Hartsville for the very first time.  We were on our way back to KY from a week at the beach and came through to meet the pastors of the church were my hubby is now serving as Minister to Children.  We both knew when we left Hartsville that day in April 2011 that it would be our home.  We are originally from SC so when the Lord made it clear that we were to move back, it felt like we were coming home.  Don’t get me wrong, we loved our time and the sweet and precious friends that we made while in KY.
Now, back to Hartsville!  It’s a wonderful little town so I thought I would share a few photos of the place we call home!  
There’s a beautiful street that we just love to drive down,  the lake that we see, and cross, everytime we drive  just about anywhere in town,  a fun sculpture downtown between the community theater & the Hartsville Museum, the  fountain downtown,  Kalmai blooms from bushes at local garden owned by Coker College (Note:  I did not pick the blossoms, they were given to me at a special event at the gardens last weekend).   And of course, cotton!  It’s everywhere in the fall!  And I just love it!                                       
Hope you enjoyed a taste of our hometown!  Join me again next week as I “ABC Blog through the Alphabet” with BenandMe.com
Joy to You!

4 thoughts on “H is for …… Home!!

  1. It’s neat to see the perspective on Hartsville from someone who’s relatively new to town. Since I was born here, I’ve just seen the town “evolve” over the past 40 years. My fave places in town are the library and Burry Bookstore, and the museum—which besides being a really great museum, it used to be the library when I was growing up so I have so many wonderful memories of that building, and before that, way back when, it was the post office.

    Besides that I love that “home” is here and family and friends. I’m a homebody.


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