Discouragement in the house! (Homeschool Mother’s Journal 4/1/12)

The Homeschool Mother's Journal


In my life, and homeschool, this week…
I am not sure the reason but it seems that discouragement and defeat have ruled this week.  Sadly, it hasn’t just been with the kids.  I’ve had my own little pity party this week but I didn’t realize how much it showed.  I heard once that as mother’s we set the “temperature” of our house.   I see how true that was in my house this week.  I am thankful for the grace and mercy of my Heavenly Father.  I felt both overwhelmingly late in the week.  I pray that I extended grace and mercy to my kids.
In our homeschool this week…
We were back on schedule after our “unofficial” Spring Break.  We had a full week.  The week started out a little cool, especially for soccer practice on Tuesday night, but warmed up on Thursday and was beautiful outside so we took math and writing outside.  What a blessing to be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of God’s creation.  The kids are already asking if we can have school outside everyday next week.  Maybe I will set up an outdoor classroom?! {Smile!!}
I am inspired by…
My son.  He asked the editor of our homeschool co-op’s newsletter if he could write an article for the newsletter.   His first article was published this week.  He wrote about “Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends.”  The article came from a seminar of the same name that he attended at the Teach Them Diligently convention. The seminar was hosted by siblings in the Mally family.   I love that he was impacted by the session.  He is currently planning a picnic for his sister.   You can find out more information about the session he attended at www.brothersandsisters.net
Questions/thoughts I have…
Has anyone ever used Write with World writing curriculum?  It’s a product of World Magazine.  I saw it at the convention we attended and my son is interested in it but I wondered if it would give him what he needs writing wise for his 8th grade year.
I’m reading …
The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom with Wyatt.  He is reading it for literature right now and  since it is one of my all time favorite books, I decided to read it with him.  It’s been years since I read it the first or second time so I was due a good dose of seeing how God worked so powerfully in Corrie Ten Boom’s life.
I’m grateful for…
Technology!  May seem weird but I am so grateful that I can keep up with friends and family, who live far away, through email, text messaging, Facebook, and even the telephone.
I’m praying for…
A friend in KY whose husband is going through treatment for cancer in his sinus cavity.
A photo, video, link, to share…
This is the Azalea bush in my yard!
Thanks for joining me again as in my  Homeschool Mother’s Journal  .  If you have a chance to check out the other moms who journal too!!
Joy to you!

One thought on “Discouragement in the house! (Homeschool Mother’s Journal 4/1/12)

  1. I am sorry that you felt discouragement and defeat in your home last week. I am no stranger to those particular feelings. I’m just so glad that God’s mercies are new each morning!


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