Decisions, decisions!

Can you believe it’s spring?  Our first year of homeschooling is almost complete.  It has been an adventure.  I’ve learned alot about myself and even more about my kids.  I pray that they have learned not only academics but also about character this year. 
It’s time to begin to think about and plan for next year.  What curriculum to use?  How to structure our day?  What extracurricula activities do we do?  The list of quesions is really endless in my mind.
One thing I am sure of is that I want my kids to know more about the Lord.  I don’t just want to teach them math and history.  I want to teach them in a way that they are learning the principles of God in everything.  
I have friends who use just this approach.  It’s called the Principle Approach.  I am working on learning more about the Principle Approach and how to use it to teach my children.  Will I use the curriculum that specifically goes along with it?  I am not sure yet.  Will I use the concepts that I am learning?  Absolutely!!
Where am I learning about this approach?  The two sites that I am using, along with help from friends and seasoned moms, are The Pilgram Institute and The Foundation for American Christian Education.
I want my kids to know that our great country was founded on the principles of God. 
I am also very excited about a new product that The Pilgram Institute has to offer.   It’s called Restoring America’s Biblical Foundation.  In this series you will learn about:  A Biblical View of Government,  The Providential View of History,  Principles of America’s Christian History and Government, and Hope for Our Nation.  Through April 6th they have a special introductory price for the DVD set.  Our country needs to be restored to it’s Biblical foundation.  I hope that you will join me in praying for our country and in teaching your kids, even if you don’t homeschool (smile), that God is the foundation of our nation!!
Joy to You!


2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions!

  1. Robin, I love you for your enthusiasm for homeschooling and I’m so glad God has given you the desire of your heart to be able to begin, and now finish, your first year! How exciting!

    What’s funny is that I actually homeschool Matthew during the summer for at least two or three weeks. We work on math, reading comprehension and stuff like that. Just so things stay fresh in his mind for the fall. It only takes up less than an hour a day. Of course, it’s torture for him because he wants to be outside all the live-long day in the summertime!


    1. Hey Caroline,
      We are going to continue this summer with some fun stuff like art history, cooking, etc. As for what you do with Matthew, have you ever heard of The Summer Book Co? A few ladies right here in our little town write them as a bridge for students in the summer. It’s exactly what you are talking about only it’s already thought out for you. The books are available at Burry Bookstore. I am thinking of getting them for my kids this summer to use too.


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