Our “unofficial” Spring Break – (Homeschool Mother’s Journal – March 24, 2012)

 In my life, and homeschool,  this week… 
This became our “unofficial” Spring Break as we spent time with our friends visiting from KY.  We enjoyed their visit just hanging out at home and on our day trip to Charleston, SC.  Here are a few photos from our trip:
Patriot’s Point ~ Home to the USS Yorktown
The Charleston Historic skyline ~ Viewed from the deck of the USS Yorktown
My kids sitting in one of the planes on the Yorktown
My kids hugging at the end of the Yorktown tour ~ love them
 Our lunch ~ 18″ diameter pizza, New York Style.  It was delicious!!  (Great price too!)
Sweet Grass Baskets!  A Charleston tradition!
Park at the Battery.  Here we enjoyed just enjoying God’s creation.
Angel Oak Tree
My kids and our sweet friends! 
I have many more photos that I would love to share but the post would be very, very long.  We had a wonderful time with our friends.  Join me again next week.  
I’m linking up with many other moms over at  The Homeschool Mother’s Journal to share our journey as we share life with each other.  

Joy to you! 


4 thoughts on “Our “unofficial” Spring Break – (Homeschool Mother’s Journal – March 24, 2012)

    1. Kym
      There are very neat and also VERY expensive. I 100% appreciate the talent and time that it takes to make them but I simply cannot pay that much for them. I’m wondering if I could buy the supplies and the kids and I make one. I think that would be a great lesson for them.


  1. It looks like a fun trip! We have visited Hilton Head SC several times and have found the same trees and baskets there. I love visiting that area of the country! Just stopping by from THMJ.


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