D is for Dad!!!

Since I’m “ABC Blogging through the Alphabet” with my friend Marcy pver at Ben and Me and some of you have joined me before, I just go ahead and make a confession!
I’m a Daddy’s girl.
He was tall!  Six feet, six inches to be exact!  When I was very small I was scared of his height; unless of course he was holding me — then I thought it was cool that I was so high up.  When I got older, I was glad for his height because I felt protected  when I was with him.   There is so much I could say about him.  I loved that he was quiet and gentle. That he loved my mom SO much!!  That he listened.  That he encouraged me.  That he believed in me.   I love that even in college; I could crawl in his lap when my heart was broken and he would let
me cry.   I love that he knew, before I did, who God had chosen to be my husband.   
He lived out his faith and encouraged me to do the same.   He shared Christ with those around him.  He took care of others.  He was not selfish. 
My Dad is no longer with us.  He went home to be with the Lord in 1999.  Since then, I have wished a million – possibly a trillion – times,  and for about that many reasons, that he was still here.  I am so thankful that my earthly Dad gave me the greatest gift in introducing me to my Heavenly Father.  How awesome it is that we, as humans, can have a relationship with the God of the Universe that is not high and lofty but close and “crawl in His lap” personal.   So my sweet Daddy may not be here but my Heavenly Father is always with me.  On those days when life is hard, when I need advice, when I hurt so  deeply that I need a hug only a Dad can give, I can go to my Heavenly Father for comfort. So you see, I was my earthly Daddy’s girl and I am also my Heavenly Father’s girl.
I would be amiss if I did not also say that I think my kids have the best dad in the world.  Maybe I’ll write about him for the letter “H” for husband….I can talk about him being a dad there, right?!
I pray that you too have that relationship with the Lord. 
Blessings and Joy to You!

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