Homeschool Mother’s Journal – February 12, 2012

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
Here I am again.  Sharing a little bit of my life through The Homeschool Mother’s Journal
Thanks for joining my journey!!
In my life this week…
Not much to report!  Just a normal but busy week. 
In our homeschool this week…
It turned cold again so we didn’t get to have any portion of our school days outside!  The kids were sad! 
We  had a great week even though at the end of the week, our schedule got a little off.  The best news is that Wyatt is now signed up for Violin lessons.  His first “official” lesson is this coming Monday, however, after our new teacher assessing his ability she gave him a list of songs to practice and practicing he has done.  He makes me very proud at his dedication and effort!
I am inspired by…
Two of my dearest friends.  My friend Valerie has a passion for “Declaring truth for spiritual and political freedom through education, prayer, & civic stewardship.”    She lives out this, her mission statement, on her Facebook page The Liberty Bellow.  This week she wrote about our “Worldview Being the Key to Restoration”.   You can find this article and more encouragement on her Facebook page at the following link:  The Liberty Bellow.
My other friend is Marcy.  She has recently started a blog on healthy living.  It’s called Bought With A Price.  This blog will follow her journey to “honor God with my body by getting healthy and losing weight”.  If you need encouragement in the area of being more healthy, I encourage you to check out Marcy’s blog at Bought With A Price.  Marcy has a 90-day challenge for better health that you can join.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
We had the chance to see Elizabeth Von Trapp in concert this week.  She is the grand-daughter of Captain and Maria Von Trapp. It was a real treat.  She sang songs that she had written and, of course, a few tunes from The Sound of Music.  I probably shouldn’t admit that I honestly did not realize that the Von Trapp’s were a real family until a year or so ago.  It was quite a revelation for me and it seems that I am the only person, of all the people I know, that didn’t know they were real.  I’ve done a little research and they have an amazing story.  Seems to me that their story really began where the movie left off! 
Things I’m working on…
Still working on getting our multipurpose room cleaned out.  I have made progress but still have a ways to go.
 I’m reading …
Still reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp.  It’s a convicting book on how I parent. 
I’m grateful for…
The opportunity to have an old friend come and visit for the weekend.  It was pretty chilly here so we stayed inside, watched movies and played games with the kids.  It was a very fun, relaxed weekend.
I’m praying for…
A little girl in our church who asked me to pray for her. 
Have a blessed week!
Joy to you!

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