Live your life…..

 “without wax!”
Have you ever heard this saying?  I had not; until Sunday.  Our pastor is doing a series on being a Courageous Christian.  He asked the question: “Are you the same Monday – Saturday that you are on Sunday?”  Hmmm!  I had to think which means that no, I am not the same, at least not all the time.   I’m not a “everything is great on Sunday morning” Christian, that would be deceptive.   But as I think about the question, I fear that I do coat things a little.  Why?  I’m not really sure. 
So this phrase “life your life without wax” has been milling around in my head this week. 
Do you know where the phrase came from? 
It’s seems that sometimes ancient pottery would be covered with wax to cover the flaws.  Then the potter would sell it as if it were flawless.  This became so prevalent in the market that potters who did not use wax had to put up a sign to let their customers know that their pottery was “without wax”.
What does it mean?
Really be who/what you appear to be. The same Monday – Saturday that you are inside the church walls on Sunday!  ~ (This is my own personal definition).   In a word, it means to be sincere
I’m still working on conforming to the likeness of Christ.  Today, I failed!!!  Today, I needed a little, no … a lot of “wax” to cover my flaws.  I’ve been grumpy and irritated by the least little thing.  I have a sinus cold and would have rather spent my day in bed with the covers over my head.  I had to apologize and ask forgiveness from my kids for being short-tempered and irritated.  I had to pray and ask my Heavenly Father to forgive me. 
It’s hard to come before your kids and admit that you’re wrong.  It’s humbling to let them see that I have flaws and failures.  But it’s by the grace of God that I can humble myself and be sincere with my precious children.  Tomorrow is another day.  My prayer is that I “live my life without wax” more often than not!
Being conformed!

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