8 Years Ago Today……….

January 5, 2004, we welcomed our sweet little girl into our family.  As I reflect on her birth, I am  thankful for her; she is a gift to our family. 

When our son was 3, during our prayers one evening,   he thanked Jesus for his “baby sister”.  My husband and I just looked at each other….. I was not pregnant at the time.   When we did find out that I was expecting, we explained to him that it might be a boy.  His response, “No!  It’s a girl because that’s what I asked God for!!”  Ahhh!  The faith of a child!  

And the miracle of a child.  Because my doctor viewed me as “maternally aged”, I
had a Level 3 ultrasound.  We took our confident 3 year old  with us so he could see the baby.  It was confirmed that the baby was, in fact,  a girl.  His response, “Yep, that’s because I that’s what I asked God for”.  
 At that ultrasound, it was discovered that she was missing a tiny bone in her pinky finger.  They said it was a symptom of a  birth defect….Asked if we wanted to have further testing…..If she did have a possibly fatal birth defect, there were options. 
 As I was digesting what they were telling me, I was appalled that they would even suggest “options”.   We  told them that further testing was not needed, and that the only option was to welcome this little girl into our family because God had given her to us just as He intended her to be.  We would have her, love her and raise her ~ even if she had handicaps.  We began to pray for her pinky finger.  We asked many people to pray.  At the next ultrasound, several weeks later, we witnessed the hand of God.  The small bone that was missing the first time was no longer missing.  The doctor declared that there was no reason for concern.  She would be just fine. 
 Matter of fact, she is more that “just fine”…she is funny and kind.  She is compassionate and loves her family and friends. She loves milk, green beans, and chocolate (like her mama).  She loves to sing and she loves the Lord.  She is beautiful!  So today, I am enjoying spending time with my precious little girl on her birthday. 
May your day be filled with blessings that are as enormous as mine were 8 years ago today!

~ Robin


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