Encounter and conform

Happy New Year!  Did you have the joy and blessing of worshiping this morning?  What a great way to begin 2012!!  A wonderful time of worship and a great message from the Word!  That is what I experienced.  My husband is a Children’s pastor and does not preach very often but had the opportunity to do so today.  I was inspired.  Not because he’s my husband but because the message that God laid on his heart is so relevant to me and the journey that I am on.
I’ve read several blogs, Facebook posts, and even a few articles about people selecting a word for the year.  I first read about this idea a few weeks back and have been tossing around the idea but wasn’t convinced that it was something I wanted to do.  But today, during my husband’s sermon, I realized that I do have a word for 2012…….




That’s my word!  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I desire to be more like Christ.  So, to “conform” for me will be to do so in the image of Christ.  How do we conform to the likeness of Christ?  We must first encounter Him.  (This was the topic of my husband’s sermon this morning).  How do we encounter Him?  By gathering with other believers, by praying according to His will, & by reading His word.
This year, I pray that I will have the “fixed purpose” (remember, this is part of the definition of resolution) to encounter God.  I am joining my son in reading the Bible through this year and as I spend this time in His word, I pray that I will not only encounter Him but that I will be conformed to His likeness. 
Do you have a word for 2012?

Being Conformed…




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