Years ago I resolved not to make any more resolutions.  Why?  Because I never keep them!  Instead I decided to have very good intentions to do whatever it is that I think needs to be done in the coming year.   As 2012 draws near, I am thinking about if I should make a resolution or just stick with my resolve to not make them.  As I thought about it, I wondered what the word resolution actually means so I looked up the meaning in Webster’s 1828 dictionary.  There are 12 parts to the definition;  I like #6 the best.  It reads “Fixed purpose or determination of mind”.  In light of that definition, I realize that I do have at least one resolution; it is to be more like Christ in all I say and do.  This is not only for 2012 but for the time that the Lord has planned for me on this earth.
So, I do have a few “very good intentions” this year.  I may accomplish them and I may not but I pray that I can keep the one resolution to be more like Him….to get to know Him better.  I pray that your 2012 is filled with blessings and joys.
Happy New Year!!!

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