Homeschool Mother’s Journal

The Homeschool Mother's Journal


In my life this week….
It’s been an emotional and busy week.   I attended the funeral of the sweet lady that I mentioned passing away last week.  The funeral was a simple graveside service.  She was 97 and lived a wonderful life.  We’re winding down school to take a little break for Christmas as I imagine most homeschoolers are.  I’ve still got Christmas cards to complete making and then address, gifts to buy, gifts to wrap….  My kids are requesting more Buckeyes (a.k.a. Peanut Butter Balls).   Our church’s Christmas play is this weekend; 3 performances; and I was asked last night to be in the crowd scene so that will make for a full weekend. I also, accidentally, found out what my hubby is getting me for Christmas.  He was trying really hard to surprise me but I got an email confirming my registration of the item.  Any guesses?  
In all of this, I am doing my best to remember that Christmas is not about any of this.  It’s about my Savior coming for me.  What a gift!! 
In our homeschool this week….
We took school on the road on Tuesday.  While I attended the funeral of my sweet friend, the kids did their school work at my sister-in-law’s kitchen table.  We’re studying Japan in History and read a few cute books recommended by our curriculum.  We’ve read “The Bee and The Dream” and “A Carp for Kimiko”.  As we continue our Christmas Unit Study, we’re reading “One Wintry Night” by Ruth Bell Graham.  I love the way this book summarizes the Bible. 
We decided to go with Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra for my 7th grader.  Thanks for the suggestions I received.   He was interested in trying this and I had a sweet friend to loan me her copy as she is in between kids that need it right now.
Speaking of Math.  My 2nd grader needed a little help with place value so I asked the kids to use items around the house to make an Abacus.  We now have one that is quite helpful made from Kinnex and beads.  Here’s a photo of their creation.
I’m cooking…
Just our normal meals but especially enjoyed cooking brunch for my family on my husband’s day off this week.  I don’t always cook breakfast on his day off but try to on occasion. 
I’m grateful for…
Safety while traveling this week. 
I’m praying for…
Friends who are dealing with medical issues.  I pray for healing and comfort for them.

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