I get it…..or do I?

Am I the only one that feels like the Lord is hitting me over the head sometimes?  My heart is heavy to be more like Him.  I want the Holy Spirit to shine forth in my life.  I try, I really do, but I know I fail.  Thank goodness for His grace.   It seems every thing I read or hear lately has to do with being more like Him.   That is my desire.

Earlier this year I had spent some time reviewing verses on characteristics of a Christ follower.  I went back to that list for a reminder of what it really means to be more like Him.  In James it says to be considerate, full of mercy, impartial, peace-loving, pure, sincere, and submissive.  In Titus we are told to be blameless, disciplined, holy, hospitable, to love what is good, self-controlled, and to be upright. Titus also contains a list of what NOT to be:   to not be drunk or overbearing or quick-tempered, to not pursue dishonest gain and to not be violent.   There are many more characteristics listed, as a matter of fact they are repeated in some form or another in at least 10 of the New Testament books.  Why does He have to repeat it?  Because sometimes I don’t get it!  That’s where I realize how thankful I am for His grace. 

My prayer is that I learn His word more thoroughly and apply every day to life; especially with my children.  I want to be faithful in prayer (Romans 12)  in front of them; I want to be truthful in my speech and understanding (2 Corinthians 6) with them; and I want to exemplify the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5)  to them in some way every day.

So I go forward with a more determined goal to be more like Christ in my daily life trusting that He will show me the way!

~ Robin


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