It’s been a busy week!!

The Homeschool Mother's Journal 
 In my life this week….
 I feel I’ve run in a thousand directions.   I’ve been specifically blessed twice this week.  The first was that I   had the chance to go visit my sister and attend the annual Ladies’ Christmas Dinner at her church.  What a  blessing!  The food was delicious, the table decorations were gorgeous, the vocalist had a beautiful voice  and the speaker was truly inspiring.  The speaker reminded us, as ladies, that WE are the best gift of the  season.  We are God’s gift!  We are part of His plan and His purpose. 
The second was the opportunity to have lunch with a new friend.  I love getting to know people, hearing their story and learning what God is doing in their lives.  God is so good to orchestrate our lives so that our paths cross with such special people.
In our homeschool this week….
We’re still working on our Christmas Unit Study.  In History, we studied Korea, China and Japan.  We read about Issa, a revered haiku master.  For fun, I had the kids go outside and take in the sights and sounds and then write their own haiku.  I thought I’d share them:
Bare and dry, yet so alive
The nest you hold little tree
Once held the pride of a mother bird. 
Orange, red, yellow leaves
So pretty
I am not a haiku master, but I think it’s a pretty good start. 
My favorite thing this week was…
Experiencing the sunrise as I drove home from my sister’s house Wednesday morning.  
Things I’m working on…
Still working on Christmas cards.  
I’m cooking…
I’ve cooked a lot!  I made a few batches of chex mix and a very large batch of peanut butter balls for treat boxes.  Since we didn’t keep any of the stuff I made for ourselves, I think I will be mixing up another batch of each for our family to enjoy.
 I’m grateful for…
Life.  A very sweet lady, who has always been like a grandmother to me and my sister, passed away last night.  She has been sick for the past several years but it’s still hard to see her go.  It reminds me that life is to be cherished.  I’m also grateful for the godly lives of those who go before us.
I’m praying for…
Christ to be exemplified in my life over the next few weeks.  He is the reason we celebrate and I pray that I don’t lose that focus.

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