Homeschool Mother’s Journal (4) – It’s December!!

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
In my life this for 2 weeks…
Wow! It’s December!  It’s been a busy few weeks just getting here.  Doesn’t that seem to be the norm at this time of year.  Somehow a few days before Thanksgiving everything seems to break loose and life gets chaotic.  On Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the kids and I had the opportunity to help decorate the sanctuary of our church for Christmas.  It was a lot of fun. The plus to helping out is that I had the chance to get to know some of the ladies in the church better.  What a blessing!   
We went to the Upstate of SC for Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed a wonderful traditional Thanksgiving meal with my husband’s side of the family for lunch and then headed to be with my side of the family for dinner.  My side of the family chose to go out to eat Thanksgiving night.  I braved the Black Friday crowds with my mom for a few hours and to be honest, it wasn’t so bad!  
In our homeschool this for 2 week…
We completed our time of (on purpose and out loud) reflection on what we are thankful for as November ended.  Of course, I encourage the children to always be thankful!   This week we began a unit study on Christmas.  We are enjoying doing research and learning the meanings of Christmas related words, learning about the people and places that are important to the story and reflecting on the best gift of all. 
I am inspired by…
The Word of God.  This is not anything new….just wanted to share. 
Questions/thoughts I have…
My 7th grader is ready for Pre-Algebra and I would not claim to be very good at math so that brings me to a search for curriculum that has either DVD or Internet Stream instruction.  I’d love suggestions if anyone has something that has worked for them.  The catch would be that I need to keep the cost down;  I just cannot pay $400 for math.  I’ve found a few things but there is so much out there, I thought I’d ask to see what else there might be.
Things I’m working on…
 All the “parts” for my Christmas cards are cut out and stamped; now for the assembly process.  I hope to have them finished and mailed by the end of next week. 
I’m reading…
Morning by Morning: The Devotions of Charles Spurgeon each morning to start my time with the Lord.  Spurgeon is inspiring!!
I’m (not) cooking…
At least not very much this week.  I did cook Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Each Wednesday we have the pleasure of a fellowship meal at church before AWANA.  Thursday night, I had a delicious catered meal at the Ladies’ Christmas Dinner at our church complete with Chocolate Cobbler!  What a wonderful time of fellowship and inspiring thoughts by our speaker.  Tonight, our family has the privilege of attending a banquet in honor of the widows and widowers in our congregation.  I just love “old” people so I am looking forward to this time for our family to met and get to know these precious members of our church.
I’m praying for…
Friends, new and old, who are dealing with health issues.  
 A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
Here is the link to our Christmas unit study is by Amanda Bennett:  

2 thoughts on “Homeschool Mother’s Journal (4) – It’s December!!

  1. saw your ‘tea’ themed picture and had to stop by and say hello 🙂 we are using Horizons Pre-Algebra this year, but i do the teaching. my daughter (6th grade) is using Teaching Textbooks, which is computer based, and she enjoys it. it grades itself too 🙂 hope you’re having a great weekend!


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