Homeschool Mother’s Journal – Post 2

The Homeschool Mother's Journal
   Welcome back to my 2nd post of  The Homeschool Mother’s Journal
   In my life this week…
   It’s been a typical week in our house.  Co-op on Monday, children’s choir on Tuesday, Mid-week                  activities at church on Wednesday, Thursday was quiet because the kids had the night off from Square   Dancing.  Friday was the day that the kids anticipated all week.  Why did they look forward to Friday?   Because Nana arrived!  I’ll recap her visit in a future post.
In our homeschool this week…
This week’s focus for the kids has been how to build a device for the “egg drop” in AIG’s Machines and Motion Science curriculum.  Our kids take science at the co-op we attend and in my son’s class they are doing the “egg drop” project.  The object is to drop the egg, in a homemade device, from at least 10’ in height and the egg not break.  His device is pretty cool so we’ll see on Monday if it works. 
We are also taking time each morning to reflect on what we are thankful for.  I am enjoying hearing what my kids are thankful for.  My hope is that this will help to cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving in them all year. 
 I am inspired by…
A mom in our co-op who spoke at our Mom’s Night Out group on the value, and blessing, of being organized.  She uses a schedule for her days and it works beautifully.  I had considered making a schedule when I first began planning our school days but never followed through. Now I believe I’d like to try it.
I’m cooking…
I love to cook and have done a lot of it this week.   We had a little bit of an international week; Italian on Monday, Chinese on Tuesday and American on Thursday. I also made four dozen cookies for the Mom’s Night Out cookie exchange.
I’m grateful for…
So much!  My husband, my kids, my extended family….my salvation and God’s grace.
I’m praying for…
Continuing to pray for my friend that I was praying for last week but this week my prayer has changed.  Her sweet mom passed away on Sunday.  Now I pray for her and her family as they adjust to life without mom and grandma.

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