Good Medicine!

Yesterday, or rather, this whole week has been just plain busy!  There was co-op, working concessions at the youth basketball game, children’s choir, library books to return, my monthly allergy shot, dinner guests, square dancing for the kids, a party we didn’t make it to and a party that we did make it to, and 5 full school days!  Whew!  By Friday, I admit that I wanted to just stay in bed.  I was tired,  down and feeling a bit depressed.  Much of the above list still had to be done on Friday.  I laid in bed thinking of the things I hadn’t gotten done this week and knew that they wouldn’t be checked off the list on Friday either, for Friday was really the busiest day of all.

I did get done what had to be done and at 5:30 we drove to Columbia to celebrate my nephew’s birthday.  He’s 21 today!  So exciting to see a 21-year-old that lives for the Lord!!!  Anyway, we had a wonderful time and on the way home last night, it occurred to me that family is good medicine.  Just being surrounded by those we love after a difficult day is refreshing.  I went to sleep last night feeling much better than I had during the day and thanking God for His blessing and provision of family for me.

It get’s better!  God is so cool!  This morning as I was spending time with the Lord reading a devotion by Charles H. Spurgeon, I read this, “I have chosen you out of this world” – John 15:19.  Spurgeon explained that this verse, “..shows God’s distinctive grace and discriminating regard..”  He’s is speaking of election and goes on to discuss God’s grace.   Then he says, “When you feel most down and depressed, you will find it to be the most uplifting medicine possible”.  The “it” is God’s grace.  As a follower of Christ, and one who seeks to be more like Him, I should rest in His grace as the “medicine” for my weary soul.  I allowed the busyness of life to rob me of my joy yesterday when all I needed was to remember His grace and call on Him to lift me up.  So today I go forward, with many things on my to do list, in His grace!




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